ENVE Composites Launched the Foundation Collection of New Road and MTB Wheels

May 14, 2020

This is the culmination of ENVE’s work over the past 13 years as a premium carbon wheel company and their initiative over the last 3 years to bring design, prototyping, testing, and manufacturing, all under one roof in Utah.

We really appreciate the opportunity to partner with ENVE and enjoyed contributing to this video in pre-COVID19 days. It is undeniably tough times for everyone during this COVID19 pandemic and it’s definitely challenging to launch a product now, but we respect ENVE’s continued push to bring the best possible wheels to cyclists and give all of us some positive news while we forge on through the pandemic.

While we are grounded from racing and group training, we are excited to ride solo on these new wheels:

– Best-in-class aerodynamics for the most efficiency per dollar you can get

– Wide Hookless Bead for optimal tubeless performance and pothole protection

– Designed and Made in Utah, USA

– Protected by ENVE’s Lifetime Incident Protection and 5 Year Factory Warranty

– The ENVE 45 and 65 are immediately available at ENVE dealers and through enve.com


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